BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mainmdso_error_strings table: removed duplicate const declaration.midipix8 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
8 daysmdso_error_strings table: removed duplicate const declaration.HEADmainmidipix
8 daysstruct mdso_unit_ctx: stype member: removed duplicate const declaration.midipix
2017-11-01build system: toolchain: added definitions for message and resource compilers.midipix
2017-10-26driver: mdso_map_input(): support empty symbol definition input files.midipix
2017-10-26driver: if --machine is unspecified, match the PE host or cross-target bits.midipix
2017-10-25build system: PE targets: added mdso-based import library generation support.midipix
2017-10-24build system: OS_SONAME: use symlinks by default.midipix
2017-10-19build system: allow cmdline overriding of the static archive's base name.midipix
2017-10-19mdso_specs.h: #define'd MDSO_DATA_SECTION (app-provided buffer used by loader).midipix
2017-10-14driver: properly set a the loader path default.midipix