AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 daysbuild system: empty archives: remove dependency on dirs.tag, mkdir -p lib.HEADmainmidipix
7 daysbuild system: empty archive generation: added missing dependency on dirs.tag.midipix
8 daysbuild system: core: whitespace meditation.midipix
8 daysbuild system: core: allow to pre-set core variables.midipix
8 daysbuild system: disabled implicit suffix-based rules.midipix
8 daysbuild system: ccenv: added -c to the cc driver-based definition of $(AS).midipix
14 daysconfig.project: define project-specific default native {c|ld}flags.midipix
14 daysbuild system: configure: support project-specific default native {c|ld}flags.midipix
2019-01-03build system: ccenv_set_os_pe_switches(): fix typo.midipix
2019-01-03build system: moved handling of pe-specific variables to ccenv.midipix
2019-01-03build system: remove elf-specific make variables, as they're no longer needed.midipix
2019-01-03build system: configure: set mb_shell to /bin/sh if not set.midipix
2019-01-01build system: be strict (set -eu).midipix
2019-01-01build system: config.usage: update header of the project-agnostic component.midipix
2019-01-01build system: ccenv.usage: using absolute path made optional (forthcoming).midipix
2019-01-01project: config.project: revised, removed variables that are no longer used.midipix
2019-01-01build system: configure: removed mb_default_ vars that are no longer needed.midipix
2019-01-01build system: ccenv_set_cc_underscore(): avoid the __imp_foo false positive.midipix
2019-01-01build system: ccenv: projects can now disable the population of
2019-01-01build system: config.vars: added the ccenv-specific variables.midipix
2019-01-01build system: replace config_support() with ccenv_dso_verify().midipix
2019-01-01build system: ccenv: refined the os detection logic.midipix
2019-01-01build system: sofort: refactored, rearranged using distinct sub-folders.midipix
2018-12-31build system: configure: support a simple, project-specific
2018-12-31build system: configure: replaced readlink(1) with the portable [ -L foo ].midipix
2018-12-31build system: configure: properly record the inherited CFLAGS and LDFLAGS.midipix
2018-12-31build system: ccenv: also update configure's (mb_-prefixed) variables.midipix
2018-12-31build system: configure: re-generate Makefile.tmp after the ccenv step.midipix
2018-12-31build system: ccenv: fix detection of native os.midipix
2018-12-30build system: major overhaul: removed sysinfo, integrated ccenv.midipix
2018-12-30build system: streamlined config.vars and variable initialization.midipix
2018-12-30build system: re-order variable sections.midipix
2018-12-25build system: depends on's definitions.midipix
2018-12-25build system: configure: handle fatal errors more gracefully.midipix
2018-12-25build system: silence git errors with a non-git source tree.midipix
2018-12-25build system: sofort/ add a terminating empty line.midipix
2018-12-25build system: clean: remove all generated files.midipix
2018-12-25build system: always include &
2018-12-25build system: cvdate: fallback to $(date) as needed.midipix
2018-12-25build system: sofort: promoted and renamed -->
2018-12-25build system: create the ``build'' directory via the dirs.tag make target.midipix
2018-12-24build system: generate macro for date of last git commit.midipix
2018-12-24build system: target & native cchost logic: initial clean-up.midipix
2018-12-24build system: config_support(): initial clean-up.midipix
2018-12-24build system: set -eu, remove no-longer-needed exit statements.midipix
2018-12-24bulid system: sub-shell syntax: replace backquotes with $().midipix
2018-12-24build system: configure: remove no-longer-needed exit statements (set -eu).midipix
2018-12-24build system: configure: sub-shell syntax: replace backquotes with $().midipix
2018-12-22build system: configure: remove early development comments.midipix
2018-12-22build system: distclean: remove and