BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mainpe_output_mdso_libraries(): adjust following mdso's pre-alpha abi update.midipix7 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-03-03pe_output_mdso_libraries(): adjust following mdso's pre-alpha abi update.HEADmainmidipix
2019-02-23build system: configure: make --all-shared and --all-static mutually exclusive.midipix
2019-02-18build system: mktemp(1): provide template, explicitly remove temporary files.midipix
2019-02-18build system: ccenv: attemt to use otool for binary format detection.midipix
2019-02-18build system: configure: host/target may only be set via explicit arguments.midipix
2019-02-14build system: ccenv_find_tool(): support an optional tool-compatibility test.midipix
2019-02-14build system: configure, fix sed exp. for trailing tabs & spaces.midipix
2019-01-10build system: empty archives: remove dependency on dirs.tag, mkdir -p lib.midipix
2019-01-10build system: empty archive generation: added missing dependency on dirs.tag.midipix
2019-01-09build system: core: whitespace meditation.midipix