tag namev0.5.34 (ca4023dca559140ab844e66f20c181cdd7e718cd)
tag date2021-05-12 00:32:00 +0000
tagged bymidipix <>
tagged objectcommit dea897bf47...
This is the last patch release in the 0.5.x series. As of this release, there are no known problems pertaining to slibtool's core functionality or compatibility with the historic libtool implementation. Outstanding features that are not covered by this release are the internal implementation of archive merging (as opposed to using ar(1) and MRI scripts), as well as the internal implementation, integration, and support of -dlpreopen. Included with this release is also m4/slibtool.m4, which by now has been tested against, and may be successfully used with legacy autoconf versions (such as 2.64), as well as more recent ones (2.69 or later). A new invocation mode, --mode=slibtoolize (or the slibtoolize symlink) is currently under development, and will be included with the next release. - driver: slbt_get_driver_ctx(): properly record the envp parameter. - driver api: slbt_get_flavor_settings(): initial implementation. - driver: added explicit --sysroot support. - link mode: set the -soname linker flag alongside the -avoid-version argument. - link mode: slbt_exec_link_create_executable(): enclose $DL_PATH in quotes. - link mode: slbt_exec_link_create_executable(): replace backtick with $(). - link mode: -module without -rpath is an executable, not a dynamic library. - link mode: legacy libtool compatibility: support linking against -module libs. - link mode: slbt_exec_link(): properly support non-default shared-object suffix. - link mode: slbt_exec_link_create_archive(): eliminate the libfoo.a symlink. - link mode: static-only account for non-default shared-object suffix. - link mode: always create{host|flavor} and related tags. - link mode: PE targets: -release: fix names used for and in import libraries. - link mode: slbt_exec_link_create_executable(): place .exe.wrapper under .libs/. - install mode: driver: added (referential) --sysroot support. - install mode: slbt_exec_install_entry: properly handle fussix flavors. - install mode: and properly handle -release. - install mode: slbt_exec_install_entry(): remove dead code. - install mode: installation: early detect static-only operation mode. - uninstall mode: driver: added (referential) --sysroot support. - heuristics: slbt_get_lconf_flags(): added missing 'else' in if-then block. - heuristics: slbt_get_lconf_flags(): enhanced the string-scanning logic. - library: replace all uses of open() with openat(). - library: replace all uses of chmod() with fchmodat(). - library: replace all uses of unlink() with unlinkat(). - library: replace all uses of rmdir() with unlinkat(). - library: replace all uses of rename() with renameat(). - library: replace all uses of symlink() with symlinkat(). - library: replace all uses of [slbt_]readlink() with [slbt_]readlinkat(). - library: replace all uses of stat() and lstat() with fstatat() counterparts. - library: replace all uses of getcwd() with slbt_realpath(). - library: eliminate use of the external environ variable. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIzBAABCAAdFiEEBkDXo9GaKk9CJujC3D0pO+15sOoFAmCbIhEACgkQ3D0pO+15 sOq1VxAAie1Q7Q5HV9PKPZXTEhFT8wmbEIq6ODGQMGSGL1iWJTYuTyaS4OJkQhKX umrc8PxbNxvHq1kQPsTLR+sRDXDN1goyKxuhq6NxmxYNvJHf4ebxp+wH4uhmvqGq FbAt4+mf87ZPmLIjfUhtAogtlAsWGtH1cr0OhQMMbBzgWUUZ/YbobE9x1Xh6p1+g f5GuIQsASnWR0SxBxpj0GJKJ8BrxnhXnQt92p+qEY1ZQGIJyPl7UneNo5jW4m0VZ eXDIDRJzS1VU2J8g34BmkwiHbYsKRVKqqGsczyrxyJVZ5NnlmI/+fm6iRRuLzT32 JuQ6SZx4TH1XUvSCvTvYohNaPvLvz4XEdoD9dTpqXeNbX4/hOvZGGRHt3U9tyGg0 2tFO2Edylkud4TMqqAciuMide/bBHmUAcV/doCOrhnWG2Vilj0EVl4fBPxfhOQi2 fKEgzElPOx4Lis62DHlOC2Ua60wB1zy5E/gpYyJ6jWPWnR/WCFXmiFMdXfN49gAZ 47jhwKFjRpBopGcdzIkmEj3U8RWTkzMjtRR59lBO9wbY/X7RWzUOowatj1GxwWpl Dx5oXYr3B444LliWEC9PzKTV/wbcQwq+vhdV1Xe18iZ0pZf2EFdihr83dXj7wfGW +ifXC9kNsY1Jlv16nkkyMcfaRsYKiwWGwEYatuSbcZnC7YUBGhA= =kKEh -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----